Valor: an act of courage performed in the presence of danger.

The following first responders from the Georgia and South Carolina Coastal Empire have demonstrated a great strength of mind or spirit that enabled them to encounter danger with firmness and resolve, while knowing their personal health and well being were in jeopardy.

The Two Hundred Club Medal of Valor nominees must meet the following qualifications:

(A) The nominee must be (or must have been, at the time of the incident) a first responder.

(B) While in the performance of duty, the nominee must have performed with exceptional meritorious conduct that may have resulted in death or serious injury.

(1) The term “serious injury” means:

(a) an injury that causes great bodily harm and a probability of death, or

(b) that causes significant permanent disfigurement and a significant permanent loss or impairment of the function of any body part or organ.

(2)”Exceptional meritorious conduct” means, while performing or fulfilling responsibilities as a law enforcement officer or firefighter, the nominee distinguished himself/herself Conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his/her own life above and beyond the call of duty. It involves risk of one’s life and is an act of bravery and self-sacrifice so conspicuous as to clearly distinguish the individual above his/her comrades.

(3) “While in the performance of duty” requires more than the Officer or firefighter, being on the duty. Rather, it requires that he/she was acting in an official capacity and performing a law enforcement or firefighting function.

(C) The performance of the foregoing must have occurred while the nominee was undertaking enforcement action when acting in the line of duty or fulfilling his/her responsibilities as a law enforcement officer or firefighter.

(D) Where the nominee has not been seriously injured or killed, the nomination must detail how the officer, while acting in a law enforcement, firefighting, or EMS capacity, performed exceptional meritorious conduct protecting life and/ or property of another.

2018 Valor Award Recipients

Captain Patrick Grant Savannah Fire & Emergency Services Department Savannah, Georgia Advanced Firefighter Matthew Metivier Savannah Fire & Emergency Services Department Savannah, Georgia Firefighter Eric Harries Savannah Fire & Emergency Services...

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2017 Valor Award Recipients

Tactical Medic Frank Pilcher Southside Fire Department Savannah, Georgia Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Ramiro Suarez U.S. Marshal Service Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Doherty U.S. Marshal Service Deputy U.S. Marshal James Turner U.S. Marshal Service Special Agent...

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2016 Valor Award Recipients

Georgia State Patrol Senior Trooper Kelvin Carswell Master Firefighter Christopher Lamb Advanced Firefighter Justin Goldberg See footage from the City of Savannah about Firefighters Lamb and Goldberg. Click here for video.

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2015 Valor Award Recipients

Lieutenant Brian Scott – Glynn County Police Investigator Dustin Davis – Glynn County Police Investigator J.T. Cassada – Glynn County Police Investigator Carl Evans – Glynn County Police Officer Kendall Duff – Chatham Sheriff’s...

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2014 Valor Award Recipients

APO Eric Smith – Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Advanced Firefighter Moises Martinez – Savannah Fire and Rescue Captain Robert Barksdale – Savannah Fire and Rescue Master Firefighter Daniel Hutcheson – Savannah Fire and Rescue Master...

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2012 Valor Award Recipients

Lieutenant Paramedic Kevin Osterstock – Hilton Head Firefighter EMT Tim Huser – Hilton Head Officer Chris Tucker – Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police

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2011 Valor Award Recipients

Sgt. Marty Adams – Liberty County Sheriffs Office Cpl. Ralph Dixon, Jr. – Liberty County Sheriffs Office Trooper Eric Wilkes – Georgia State Patrol Officer Mark Rich – Midway Police Department

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2010 Valor Award Recipients

Deputy Michael Johns – McIntosh County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Robert Francisco – McIntosh County Sheriff’s Department Cpt. Paul Phillips – Savannah Fire Department Firefighter Brian Stafford – Savannah Fire Department

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2009 Valor Award Recipients

Star Cpl. Andy Osteen – Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief Roy Howard – Garden City Fire Department Firefighter Terry Ashley Hazard – Garden City Fire Department

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2008 Valor Award Recipients

Star Cpl. Donald Bryant – Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Chief Jason Waterfield – Southside Fire and EMS Deputy Chief Scott Kimble – Southside Fire and EMS

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