The concept of the “Hundred Clubs” was born in Detroit in 1952. Following the fatal shooting of a young Detroit officer, a gentleman by the name of William M. Packer, the largest Pontiac Dealer in the nation, who was a friend of the Police Commissioner, invited 100 of his business associates to dinner at the Ritz Carlton encouraging them to donate to a fund for the fallen officer; they also agreed to form the One Hundred Club of Detroit. The response was 100%. Packer and the Commissioner met with the expectant widow, reviewed her finances and arranged to pay off the mortgage on their home recently purchased in 1952, all the bills, set up an education account for the yet unborn child and deposited $7,000 in the widows checking account. Bill Packer and his one hundred friends then incorporated the The One Hundred Club of Detroit.

In late 2000, Brooks Stillwell, Harry Haslam and Tak Argentinis met to discuss the possibility of forming an organization similar to the Hundred Club of Detroit, the Hundred Club of Massachusetts and the Three Hundred Club of Atlanta

J. Curtis Lewis, Jr. and the History of “The Hundred Club of Chatham County, Georgia, Inc.”

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“On behalf of the Jekyll Island Fire Department Emergency Volunteers, I would like to thank you for the rapid response that you gave us in our request for assistance for Captain Perry Rhoden of the Jekyll Island Fire Department. Never did I dream that an organization could come to the aid of a fallen brother so quickly. I anticipated that if anything could be done, that it would be months down the road, not just a couple of days. It is great to know that your organization exists to assist those who have dedicated their careers and given their lives to Public Safety. I made an announcement about your quick response to Captain Rhoden’s needs at the Georgia Firefighters Association and Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs annual convention held here on Jekyll Island in August. Perry returned home on August 26. Sadly, his physician has informed him that he would not be able to come back to his old job. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the quick assistance you have rendered to our comrade. We cannot sing your praises enough. Little did we think when we joined the 200 Club that one of our own would need your help. We will be increasing our membership level next year.”