The concept of the “Hundred Clubs” was born in Detroit in 1952. Following the fatal shooting of a young Detroit officer, a gentleman by the name of William M. Packer, the largest Pontiac Dealer in the nation, who was a friend of the Police Commissioner, invited 100 of his business associates to dinner at the Ritz Carlton encouraging them to donate to a fund for the fallen officer; they also agreed to form the One Hundred Club of Detroit. The response was 100%. Packer and the Commissioner met with the expectant widow, reviewed her finances and arranged to pay off the mortgage on their home recently purchased in 1952, all the bills, set up an education account for the yet unborn child and deposited $7,000 in the widows checking account. Bill Packer and his one hundred friends then incorporated the The One Hundred Club of Detroit.

In late 2000, Brooks Stillwell, Harry Haslam and Tak Argentinis met to discuss the possibility of forming an organization similar to the Hundred Club of Detroit, the Hundred Club of Massachusetts and the Three Hundred Club of Atlanta

J. Curtis Lewis, Jr. and the History of “The Hundred Club of Chatham County, Georgia, Inc.”

“On behalf of the Georgia COPS chapter, I want to thank your organization for what you have done to assist in relieving some of the financial burden for the family. It is organizations like yours that truly ‘puts their money where their mouth is.’ It has been said that law enforcement gives more than tickets. Like this officer, some give their lives. They are sworn to uphold and protect the laws that are written to protect their community, State and Nation. Unfortunately, it is a profession that is not glamorized, but much is expected. I feel your organizations’ contribution will allow the family to concentrate more on the loss of their loved one than on the financial burden his loss has created. Again, thanks to you and your organization for being there for the family.”