Join the 200 Club and give back to the families of those that protect you. You can fill out an application online to join the 200 Club. You can encourage families and friends to join or donate!



“Words can’t even express how touched we were to receive the gift of money for Thanksgiving. The tears would not stop flowing!! This has been a difficult year and we were so blessed to receive this. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For all you do for my son and family. I look forward to the day that my son can personally thank you for all you have done for him! !  I know that when he is old enough to understand everything that has taken place that he would want to meet you all.” – Lisa Coursen

Your donation to the Two Hundred Club is tax-deductible and will support our mission and principal objective.
501c3 Non-profit | Tax ID 31-1766874


Our organization is made up entirely of volunteers.  100% of your membership fees, donations, and sponsorships go directly to the families of our fallen first responders. Your support provides immediate funding when they need it most and then strategically through the years to provide some of the support they lost.