Without the brave men and women who risk their lives for our sake, our lives would be very different. That’s why when tragedy strikes, the 200 Club (a 501 (c)(3) organization) immediately responds with financial support to help lessen the devastating effects. 

We realize money can never replace the loss or disability of a loved one, but funds can be extremely helpful in easing the financial burden associated with these tragic events. 

Our Line-of-Duty benefit for firefighters and law enforcement officers, while active members of their departments, is an immediate and significant cash payment to the surviving spouse and children. The benefit is presented to the family members at a meeting attended by fellow officers, and directors of the Two Hundred Club, where the program is explained and discussed. 

To Date, We Have Given Over $3.5 Million To Our Beneficiaries

We expect that over time, the generosity of our members and the dedication of our directors will enable our club to significantly expand its financial ability to serve the families of those who give their lives while protecting all of us. These benefits are at the sole discretion of directors of the Two Hundred Club of the Coastal Empire

Why This is Important

The family devastation that occurs when a member of the public safety family suffers serious injury or death in the line of duty is tremendous.

They also pay an immense price for our safety. 

We know how much this financial support means to the surviving families in these unfortunate situations. We hope that you will consider supporting those who protect our safety. Please, donate or join today